Our Studio

We are the best Asian massage studio in Edmonton! We keep our studio clean and disinfected, with very welcoming and gorgeous Asian staff at our licensed and registered studio. Come judge for yourself why they say we are the best Asian massage studio in Edmonton!

Purple Room

Our Purple Room is a cozy love nest where you can relax and destress. You will be pampered and eased by passionate attendants! Extra large massage table (bed) and extra large two person shower with seats, lots of room for two or more.

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Pink Room

Our Pink Room is a comfortable environment with a nice white leather couch to sit and chat. Or if a jacuzzi is more your cup of tea, we also love to linger in this tub full of bubbles with the right one!

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Red Room

Our Red Room is our fully furnished retro sanctuary complete with a set of multi-purpose chains that can suspend up to 600 Lbs!

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