We are sanitized and open!

14817 Yellowhead Poety Spa is now accepting reservations for Gua Sha cosmetology, the trial price is $120, buy one, get one free!

Gua Sha has a history of thousands of years in China. Gua Sha beauty treatment is a complete, systematic, standardized and proprietary beauty technology with Chinese characteristics. Gua Sha cosmetology is to use the scraping method to scrape on the face or body of a person to relax the meridians, balance yin & yang, dispel cold, promote qi and blood circulation, and accelerate cell repair, thereby improving the appearance and beauty of the person.

Phone (Call): (780) 489-7565 | Text Only: 406-686-1387
Address: 14817 Yellowhead Trail
Studio Hours: Mon ~ Fri 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM | Sat & Sun 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM

Reservations can be booked starting at 7:00 AM every morning

NEWS! Our customers can park your large trucks at our location

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New masseuse coming all the time! We have masseuse from all over the Orient: China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Philippines, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia!

Attention: We're hiring!

Velvet Touch Studio is offering Early Bird Specials to all our valued guests! Call to inquire about this very special promotion. It's the perfect way to start your day with a smile. :)

View Driving Directions from Costco/Yellowhead Inn

VTS Front Entrance

  1. We're on Yellowhead Corner
  2. Head east from Yellowhead Inn onto 149 St and make a right
  3. Keep to the left and head south, then turn left onto Yellowhead Trail
  4. Destination will be to your right.
  5. We're just East of the Costco

We're just south of Edmonton's Yellowhead Trail. Directly across the street from Costco. Southeast corner accessible via 149 St. Our facility is conveniently located near all major hotels in the west end including the Yellowhead Inn. We're also just ten minutes away from West Edmonton Mall, and two minutes from Yellowhead Casino and the X-Bar strip club. A map is available for your convenience!

Our location provides ample parking (including room for semis) and is handicap accessible!

We understand that privacy is important. A discrete back entrance to the massage studio is available to all our clients.